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About us

The bank, formerly known as Central People’s Credit Fund, established on August 5th, 1995, was officially transformed to Co-operative Bank of Vietnam in 2013 under the license No. 166/GP-NHNN dated June 4th, 2013 by the Governor of the State Bank of Vietnam.

Full name in Vietnamese: Ngân hàng Hợp tác xã Việt Nam;

Short name in Vietnamese: Ngân hàng Hợp tác

Full name in English: The Co-operative Bank of Vietnam

Short name in English: Co-opBank

Transaction name: Ngân hàng Hợp tác or Co-opBank

Charter capital: VND 3,000 billion

Duration of operation: 99 years

Co-opBank has been operating both in domestic and abroad with its head office being located at 4th Floor, N04 Hoang Dao Thuy, Trung Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District – Hanoi. Co-opBank has 27 branches, 70 Transaction departments and 1.200 People Credit Funds at communal level.

Co-opBank is a credit institution in supporting and promoting the operating effectiveness and efficiency of the PCF system; the focal point for the PCF system and takes the role of capital regulation.

– Co-opBank has established lots of relationships with both local and international institutions.

– Co-opBank has 02 business units, including the Information Technology Center, and Training Center.

–  Co-opBank was certified with ISO 9001:2008.

– Co-opBank is the official member of Vietnam Association of People Credit Funds, Association of Asian Conference of Credit Unions.

–  Co-opBank keeps researching and improving its current services and products as well as developing new products to satisfy the highest demands of customers.

–  Co-opBank acts as the focal point of capital regulation, payment, supply of service to PCFs.

–  Co-opBank provides exchanges of information & experiences, gives consultancy to PCFs over the organization, governance and operation of such PCFs.

– Co-opBank manages the safety fund of PCF system in accordance with regulation of the State Bank of Vietnam

– Co-opBank provides professional trainings to PCFs.

– It also provides currency trading, credit granting and other banking services such as capital mobilization, lending, payment service, and cards …

 * Mission
Building and developing PCFs is amongst important solutions to serve the needs of social economic development in agricultural and rural area; to actively contribute to the implementation the millennium goals regarding poverty reduction; and maintain its role as “The Bank of all People Credit Funds” with safe – effective – stable growth.

* Vision
To become a modern bank, effectively serving the PCF system.

* Core Value
The core value are that Co-opBank can be enhance in scale, financial capacity, management skills, technologies; it maintains to act as the focal point of capital regulation and capital balance for PCF system and also, it would be able to take care of and effective support to PCFs.

* Slogan:
Cooperation for mutual development

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