Giá vàng giao ngay thế giới 9h07' ngày 24/9: 144,26 USD/chỉ. Giá vàng 9999 tại Hà Nội 8h31' ngày 24/9 mua: 3.650 nghìn đồng/chỉ, bán: 3.667 nghìn đồng/chỉ. Chỉ số chứng khoán ngày 24/9: VN-Index: 1.011,29 +8,32   HNX-Index: 115,59 -0,21 Thời gian giao dịch phục vụ khách hàng tại các Chi nhánh, PGD, QTK của VietinBank - Từ thứ 2 tới thứ 6: Từ đầu giờ sáng tới 17h00 (trừ ngày lễ, tết).

People Credit Funds

Fund Intermediating

Mobilization: In order to improve linkage of system, Co-opbank has co-ordinated and supported PCFs mobilization by consulting methods and deposit interest rate. PCFs which have the ability of mobilizing and depositing Co-opbank, enjoy reasonable interest rate to ensure to cover the cost of capital mobilization; some PCFs that are remote from Branch are supported additional counting, packing and transport charges.

Lending:PCFs are always borrowed from Co-opbank with lower interest rate than enterprises, individuals at the same time.

Project Funds: Currently, Co-opbank is effectively implementing many project funds that are funded from international financial institutions with preferential interest rate and long loan term.

For PCFs: ADB1457, ADB1802, ADB1781, ADB2513, ICO.

For enterprises, individuals: ADB1990, JBIC, JICA, RDFII, RDFIII

Receiving Deposit

– Co-opbank receives deposits of PCFs according to following forms: Payment deposit, term deposit, non-term deposit or other forms selected by PCFs.

– Transaction form: PCFs can trade with Co-opbank under 2 forms: Direct and indirect.

+ Direct transaction: PCF directly brings money to deposit at branches of Co-opbank.

+ Indirect transaction: PCF writes clearly amount of money, form and term on money transfer document, simultaneous informs (via telephone or fax…) Co-opbank to monitor timely.

–   Withdrawal of deposit: Depending on demand, PCF can withdraw cash directly at Co-opbank or through transfer form.

– Deposit interest: Deposit interest is fixed by Co-opbank under market interest and credit relation between Co-opbank and PCFs.


Lending members

For member PCFs, the credit products including:

  • Loans for credit expansion
  • Lending to support solvency
  • Deposit mortgage loans
  • Co-financing loans
  • Loans according to financing associated projects for development of agriculture and rural.
  • Loans from foreign projects fund (ADB, AFD, ICO, RDF…)







PCFs have implemented CF- eBank: 96 PCFs (Up to 7/8/2013)

1. Benefits of customers :

– Procedure for transfer/receiving money is simple, fast and convenient

– The customers are consulted thoughtfully and save cost and time

– To ensure receive money fastest: after 10 minutes for internal transactions

2. Domestic remittance:

– To transfer to the recipient at transaction office of Co-opbank that participate transfer network or to nationwide banks.

–  Quick remittance to the customers via their ID card or account

– No limit on amount of transfer fund

Electronic Bank

Electronic Banking (CF- eBank) is a system of management modern banking professional that allows PCF implements remote electronic banking transaction on basis of modern technology of Co-opbank safely, quickly, conveniently.

PCFs participate the project through Co-opbank to carry out quick remittance for members, customers in all cities and nationwide banks safely, quickly with reasonable cost and little investment. Potential of the system after going into operation is very large, contribute significantly to development of PCFs and Co-opbank on many fields:

– Firstly, to met the members and customers’ needs in rural areas where are difficult to approach modern banking services.

– Secondly, new modern and safe services contribute to bring the advantages and improve prestige and position of PCFs. Expanding market, attract enterprises, individuals to open deposit account and transfer money, support to develop other services, contribute to develop non-cash payment in rural areas

– Thirdly, to strengthen the link in the system between PCFs and Co-opbank. Help PCFs use most effectively  its available capital, Co-opbank mediate fund better and non-cash payment.

– Fourth, to improve quality of information, expand model banking services, to be the key to change the thinking of traditional banking business, make the highest advantages for every customers.

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